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  • Spirit gt gyro - usb interface

    CSPRGT  (Spirit)

    5380.00 each


    Spirit GT - Evolution of Spirit Pro. Universal flybarless and stabilisation unit for demanding pilots.

    Outstanding ARM M7 processor
    M7 performance-line processor is truly unbelievable! It is 3x faster than M4 and brings amazing features.

    This adds free room for any possible math operation allowing to calculate anything imaginable the unit could ever need.

    It packs native telemetry support for Futaba S.BUS2 and even FrSky S.PORT or brand new F.Port protocols. Without any special cables.

    Real-Time Logging capability
    Logging of everything - that is now possible for the first time! Until now, logging at 500Hz rate was barely possible. That is not an issue anymore. Thanks to durable Dedicated Memory Chip with long-life!

    Version 3.3.0 will unlock all these capabilities. For the first time in the history, you will be able to see how your model was flying in the air! In 3D graphics.

    Pressure Sensor
    Yes, it is there and fully embedded. Unparalleled precision of 1 Pascal allow extremely precise altitude measurement . With the innovative algorithms and Sensor Fusion technology the precision goes further down. It can be utilized in a various of ways such as Altitude hold or even Automatic Rescue system. Stay tuned for the upcoming firmware!

    Industry-leading Motion Sensor
    Motion Sensor with 20 bit precision was unimaginable few months ago. Everybody can taste it yourself now.

    Superb stability through temperature gradient and Vibration immunity few times better than in any other unit. Antialiasing feature and Spirit algorithms makes the Rescue function Top of the line.

    Redundant PowerTrain
    With Spirit 2 we have developed separated power supplies for the unit itself and peripherals. Now with Spirit GT design was enhanced to minimize voltage drops even for a peripherals!

    Simplified Wiring
    Our aim is simplicity. This mean you no longer need a special cables such as FrSky Integration cable or even JETI Integration cable. It can be replaced just with normal stright one.

    Gold-plated Connectors
    We care about reliability a lot. For big scale helicopters of 800 class or more extreme current amperage can develop. With Spirit GT connectors all losses are minimized.

    Spirit GT can be extended for basically unlimited servo outputs. If you will ever need to control 8 servos or more, with Spirit GT it will be possible in very near future.

    Servos with telemetry feature will be supported in the upcoming update too.

    Spirit GT
    Hardware : Very rigid, CNC milled, anodized and sandblasted enclosure
    Color : Red and Black, matt
    Material : High quality AL6061-T6
    Dimension : 36.8x29.6x13.9mm, weight: 20g
    Power supply : 3 - 15V @ 50mA
    Operating temperature : -10°C to 60°C
    Latest generation, Ultra Fast ARM processor : 462 DMIPS
    IMU MEMS sensor with 20bit precision (rotation to 2000°/s !)
    Gold plated PCB with Pb-Free soldering
    Laser Engraved labels for perfect visibility.
    Integrated S-BUS Inverter
    Integrated FrSky Integration cable
    2x native Spektrum connectors
    3x connector for power supply, 5x for servos
    Revolutionary GeoLink support (GPS, vario, logger)
    Spirit Aero support (from 1.6.0 Aero firmware)
    All-pin protection
    Redundant internal powertrain for maximum safety
    Excessive tolerance for brown-outs
    Dedicated capacitor for peripheral voltage stability
    Simplified JETI receiver wiring
    Embedded Pressure sensor
    Dedicated Memory Chip for Real-Time logging
    Gold-plated pin headers for high current transmission

    Package content
    Spirit GT unit
    USB interface
    15cm receiver cables
    4x 3M VHB doublesided adhesive tape

    Features :

    Super-smooth flight control
    Paddle simulation with inexpressible feeling
    Classic flybar mechanics support
    Extreme vibration immunity for all helicopter types
    Spectrum analysis for model diagnostics
    Flight log with recorded events
    Easy configuration with setup wizard
    Smartphone or tablet support via Bluetooth and WiFi
    (Modules are sold separately)
    Spektrum, Jeti, OpenTX and HoTT radio integration
    Available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS,
    WP, SailfishOS, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and more
    Stabilisation for scale pilots and beginners
    Reliable, full-featured rescue system
    Integrated Bank Switching
    Governor for Electric, Nitro and Gasser Helicopters
    BEC tester with load verification
    Support for PWM, PPM, S-BUS, FrSky F.Port,
    Spektrum DSM2/DSMX, JETI Duplex EX Bus,
    SRXL/Graupner SUMD/JETI UDI/JR X-Bus receivers
    Support for all servo types:
    1520/960/760us @ 50 - 700Hz
    Support for CCPM 90/120/135/140°
    Real-Time telemetry log
    Perfect flight log with 3D visualisation
    Servo extension board for 8 servos and more

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